How is that even possible? And how to fix it.

It’s true, I didn’t know I was fat.

People have a distorted opinion of themselves in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to how they look. There’s actually a name for it. According to a study done by UCLA, it’s called body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).

The summary of this study states, “Although they look normal, people suffering from body dysmorphic disorder perceive themselves as ugly and disfigured. New imaging research reveals that the brains of people with BDD look normal, but function abnormally when processing visual details.”

Your opinion of yourself can go in just the opposite way…

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I remember where I was and what I was doing. Do you? I will never forget…

I was at my office.

We didn’t have cell phones or the internet as we know it today. But we did have a tv in the lobby for clients to watch. Every channel was broadcasting the same story. And we just stood there and stared in total disbelief.

Who would dare to attack America? The greatest Superpower ever in the history of our planet.

It was hard to believe and totally unimaginable. But there it was. The twin towers of the World Trade…

Where you decide to plant your roots makes a difference in your life.

Take a tomato for example. I like tomatoes. I guess that’s a pretty normal thing growing up in “Tomato Country” in the Midwest.

What I didn’t realize, until I moved to California, is that tomatoes taste different, depending upon where they are grown.

I had dreamed of moving to California since I was 12 years old. But if you would have told me what the tomatoes would taste like out there, I never would have gone.

The first tomato I picked up, at Albertson’s grocery store, looked…

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My reasons changed over the years.

When most people think of riding a motorcycle, they usually think of speed. Either a Moto GP race, Evel Knievel flying over some crazy jump, or a Biker flying down the highway.

I used to race motocross and jump. I was into speed and thrills too.

But that’s not why I ride now. We have a Harley Davidson Sportster, but I can’t even tell you how fast it goes. Don’t even care anymore.

When I first bought it, it looked cool. 100th anniversary special edition with a screaming eagle package. It had a bad…

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It doesn’t matter who you are, or what family you were born into.

It doesn’t matter how gifted you are in whatever it is.

No matter what advantages anyone has, one thing I know for sure is, you will have obstacles in your life.

I have had my fair share of obstacles and challenges just like you have. I’m not going to list them here. But there have been times I wanted to quit something. In fact, I thought about quitting life altogether at one point…

Luckily, I did not.

Because, I know now, there is no such thing as…

I used to have a lot of “goals”. I’ve read all kinds of goal setting books and I have to admit, if I write something down as a goal and do what those books say, it usually happens. I reach the goal.

But every time I reach a goal, I have to set another one. Then another after that.

Sell 60 houses this year? Then sell 65 houses the next year.

When I was pole vaulting, it was jump 12ft. then 13ft. then 14ft. then 15ft.

And on and on and on. One goal after another.

That seems like a…

I don’t remember how much money we had when I was a kid.

I do remember the adventures.

I remember getting run over by a ram. I remember cleaning out the sheep barn. I remember lots of dogs and finding arrowheads in the garden.

I remember fishing, skiing, building things, and going places. I remember the door of the Jeep flying open while turning in front of the courthouse. And I remember being chased by a girl with an ax at camp.

I remember the people we did those things with. Family and friends, and friends of my parents.


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The easy thing to do would be to do what you are supposed to do.

Go to school, get a stable job, buy a house with a picket fence, get married and have kids, Grow a middle aged paunch, live for the weekend. blah, blah, blah.

But, how many happy people do you know that do what they are “supposed” to do?

I want to be happy, healthy, and live to 120.

I don’t imagine that will be easy.

Guess what? Life is fucking hard.

It’s supposed to be!

You don’t grow by taking the easy way.

So, you have…

According To Einstein.

As a kid, early middle school age, I remember staying up as late as possible on New Years Eve. We tried to stay up all night but didn’t make it. It was the one time during the year that we didn’t have a bedtime.

At the stroke of midnight, we called everybody that we knew to wish them all a Happy New Year.

After we ran out of people we knew to call, we started dialing random numbers out of the phone book. Didn’t matter who it was, we just called. When they answered, you could tell if it was…

It Will Help Everyone In Your Life

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I used to love to work out. Just because it felt good.

Actually, it hurt. But it felt good at the same time.

This might sound crazy, but I used to run down the center of the railroad tracks. If you have ever tried that, then you know; you can’t run on a bunch of railroad ties and be thinking about the stress of the day.

If you do, you will fall on your face.

Running down the center of a train track demands total focus.

You look three to four strides ahead. That’s it. No more, no less. You…

Doug Heron

I don't know what I'm talking about, but if you think about it you really don't either. I write about lessons learned through my life.

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